Mago-Mago Arashi – Ohno and Nino

I wrote this entry back in 2011, Aug. 1 to be exact.

dang it.

This episode made me cry. I didn’t see it coming.

Ohno and Nino were mago mago for a day to an elderly couple who lived in a seaside town. Grandma is a sea diver while Grandpa is a fisherman – both depend on the sea for a living.

There were a lot of small touching moments like when Nino offered to give Grandma a massage or when Ohno fell asleep right on the mat. But I found myself starting to tear up when Nino played the guitar and sang his self-composed song. I don’t know about that but the heartfelt singing, the words in the song, and Ohno drawing a caricature of their grandparents was a touching scene.

Then Ohno showed his drawing to Grandpa and Grandma. During farewell time, Grandma presented them with a box of seafood to take home while Grandma bestowed Ohno with his favorite lighter.


Cliff Climb – Odaiba Chin

Thanks to the creative staff of VS Arashi who constantly come up with something fresh for the games, things have become a little bit more (as if it hasn’t already been so) interesting over at Wangan studios. The staff decided to raise the difficulty level of Climb Climb, one of my favorite games with its unpredictability and all, by replacing the angled wall hurdle with the “Odaiba chin”, a whole section that juts out from the wall. The result – more unpredictability, excitement, and hilarity. And I shall make special mention of our “yeah’ yeah” pair – Sakurai Sho and Aiba-chan.

Presenting Cliff Climb — the Sakuraiba way.


VS Arashi 0905.2013

I laughed really hard. Apparently, Sho-chan had given up at this point.

Three months later, we have Aiba-chan in the same dilemma.

VS Arashi 1212.2013

VS Arashi 1212.2013

And I just couldn’t stop laughing from this point on in the episode.



The boys and guest team were in stitches as well. 




Oh, VS Arashi.

Thank you for making Thursdays, each week, a little brighter.


Coincidentally, the SS and Aiba-chan episodes separately had Ayano Go and Sato Takeru as guests. We all know these two hotties had a fierce battle as Gein and Battosai in the Rurouni Kenshin movie.



A Kenshin gif in an Arashi post, rarely happens : )

credits: on WP (ayano go screencap); kateviardo on tumblr (kenshin gif); my screencaps (vsa)


I’ll keep it short and simple.

Thank you, Arashi.

Congratulations on your 14th year of touching hearts and spreading happiness.

A look back at some, from then to now. ❤

Where it all began.

[crimson-songLJ] arashi volleyball

Arashi as image characters for World Cup Volleyball 1999

[ringonokimiTMB] arashi debut 99  [arashiphilsFB] arashi debut99\

growing up together

yama7  cho kawaiiiiii

[masaki82T] junaibatomanino

[misteloctoberT] chibi arashi

arashi breezy

[thelifeofmeixinBP] arashi

[misteloctoberT] arashi

[junnoshoT] arashi7

[junnoshoT] arashi11






GnoArashi laugh gif

[ppLJ] arashi drunk skit



arashiiii kawaiiiiii


arashi sakamoto

kame on VSA


anishi 081113

arashi soccer 2

periccco arashi 24hrtv 2004

oshima's tapioca mt

JAL June2012_labo1JAL June2012_sugeee






waiha preview

[fangirljingMP] arashi taiwan

Kokuritsu, Arashi Around Asia 2008

[gigglestormT] arashi AAA con

[junnoshoT] arashi3

Arashi, 5×10





Beautiful World




[dreamlightsTMB] arashi BW con2

These five adorable guys …

[ppLJ] arashi riida

[ninolove0316YT] aibacenter

sobusen buddies




[amnos-for-dreamTMB] arashi shades 2011


[dreamlightsTMB] family portrait

[T] arashi kyaa

arashi pikanchi

[winkychanLJ] chibi arashi3


 arashi anniv tour

 really made it big…


in our hearts.

arashi1Happy anniversary!

24 Jikan Terebi – 08.24.2013


This will be my first time watching NTV’s 24 Hour TV on real time with the possibility of watching it from start to finish.

I tuned in around 4 PM (5 pm JST), in time to catch some of the TV personalities giving us a glimpse of the preparations taking place just a few hours before the show. From Budokan to off-studio locations, the studio and field reporters gave some shout-outs to express readiness and cheerful anticipation for the 24-hour charity telethon that will officially start at 6:30 pm in Japan.

This year’s marathon runner is 33-year-old Oshima Miyuki of comedian trio Morisanchuu. Oshima-san is of course well-known to us Arashi fangirls as Matsujun’s Number 1 fan, and by that we mean NUMBER 1 FAN in all of sekai. Oshima says she considers running for the charity event a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a chance for her to discover something new. “Even though I weigh 88 kilograms, and fat, I don’t want to say I can’t without trying,” she said. (Source here.)I will run at my own best, and hope I could send out smiles to everyone.”  You, go, Oshima-san!  We’re rallying behind you and, like Arashi and Matsujun, will be waiting for you at the finish line and Budokan, with tapioca milk tea even.

ooshima pre-run

Ooshima Miyuki, two hours before she is set to run. According to NTV’s 24-Hour TV wiki page, the running distance depends on the marathon runner’s physical fitness and age. Oshima will run a distance of 88 kilometers.

Arashi hosts this year’s 24-Hour TV for the fourth time (their first was in 2004), and for the second time in two consecutive years (being the main personality hosts last year).  Last year, Ohno Satoshi made the shirt-design (in collaboration with artist Yoshitomo Nara)  with his handwriting of the kanji “mirai” imprinted at the back of the shirt. This year, Arashi’s leader collaborated with no other than artist Yayoi Kusama-san to create the shirt design. The number of shirts sold has reached more than a million since they went on sale in June. Sugoi, ne. I got myself the summer color, the one Nino’s wearing in the photos below.

matsumiya pre-showarashi 24HTV spot

Highlights of this year’s telethon would be :

the darts trip segments

Arashi’s corners – Aiba supporting a teenage boy in synchronized swimming, Ohno painting a canvas with kids from the earthquake/tsunami-affected regions, Nino’s man-on-street interviews aka survey on Japan, Sho playing the piano for a high school choir from Iwate who will sing their graduation song, Jun performing tap dance with hearing-impaired children

Ohno’s drama special

Arashi ni Shiyagare SP with Kanjani 8

Arashi’s collaboration performance with high school students

Ueto Aya’s report on father looking for his daughter from 3.11

More details about the program flow here on NTV’s site.


Some screen captures:

A relaxed Oshima with her Morisanchu pals 10 minutes before the program starts.

go oshima

Arashi announcing the start of the show!

arashi 24HTV yama     arashi 24HTV kaze

Arashi opening with “Love Rainbow”.

arashi 24HTV love rainbow

And with that, NTV’s Niju yonjikan Terebi has officially started!

On Sakurai Sho coming to Singapore (and the fact that I am not)

I have calmed down. I have calmed down enough ( I think ).

I decided to be rational. I decided to be a self-restraining fangirl. I have decided to be a productive and responsible member of the academic community and of civil society. In other words, I’ve decided to be bitter and wait for photos, fancams and fan accounts of Sho Sakurai’s visit to Singapore instead of spending my savings on plane tickets and sacrificing commitments in exchange for a chance to shout “daisuki” and “omedetou” and “ganbatte, Sakurai-san” and gaze at the beauty that is Mr. Nadegata.



Moving on.

After the initial frenzy of knowing that Sakurai Sho will (indeed!) be in Singapore to promote his latest movie; therefore, be 300 miles closer to me than he is in Tokyo, and the mad rush frantic search for budget plane fares and counter-checking of real-life schedules and possible conflicts, I have managed to convince myself that I may be better off redirecting my efforts and energy to other things for now.


while it is indeed true that if there is a will, there is a way, and that nothing is impossible, and that faith can move mountains, or that I may regret it later, sometimes a girl has to think rationally and decide what is best for all, on what will keep the harmony. (You would think by the drama I’m putting into all this that I’m talking about an Arashi concert here, but no, it’s just about one member!! sillyme).

First, I have to be responsible. I cannot just disappear from work, can I? Without a valid reason, can I? I cannot just miss my 3-hour grad school class and fail to submit paper that is due, can I? (Of course, you can. It’s Sakurai Sho. What valid reason. What paper.) Sshhuuuusshhhh!!

Second, I have to calm down. period.

Third, I cannot part with my savings so quickly just as I have only started filling up my piggy bank again post-my-little-Nippon-adventure.

Fourth, Arashi concerts in November. Which is another dramatic story. That I have to PREPARE for.

Fifth, would it be all worth it? Will Sakurai Sho acknowledge my screams from the sea of red-carpet fans? Will Mr. Nadegata spend so much as a glance in our direction. Will I be able to sneak into his hands my gift basket of dried mangoes and hometown native delicacies. Moreover, will I be able to handle the ‘low’ that will follow after basking in the presence of my second favorite Arashi man? Why do I think too much? Why do I make it unnecessarily complicated? Why do I chicken out when it comes to Sakurai Sho?? My thoughts = Zeroooo~. But then, who am I kidding. I knew the answer to that question right from the start. Would it be worth it? MOCHIRON HONTOUNI ATARIMAE YES. All I need to do is stand there stupidly with the other fans and allow my heart to swell with happiness while I relish the moment of seeing and ‘meeting’, and breathing the same air as, the man.

This man.


Oh, Kageyama.

I will have to end this post before I find myself packing that gift basket.

Since I don’t know what else to say, I’ll just wrap things up with caster Sho’s blog entry in Otonoha exactly five years ago today. ‘Umeboshi or kimchi?’

Nino, we’re glad you gave it a try


“I’ve always been weak physically and had little to no willpower. When I was a kid, I didn’t want to go outside and I went to the Johnny’s audition just because my parents said they’d give me more pocket money. When everyone was dancing, I was sitting on the floor; I didn’t have interest in neither singing nor dancing. Isn’t it already a contradiction that such a social recluse as me would work in the entertainment industry? (laughs)” – Ninomiya Kazunari, More, “Contradiction”, 7th volume

              Source: cobaltintensity@tumblr


*                                *                                   *

neens pianofunny neens neens 24hr tv

Look at what you were able to share with your fans.. the compositions, the words you wrote in your songs, the characters you made so real… there were the caustic remarks, the witty comebacks, the sensitivity and riot you brought to your group’s variety shows, the friendship you’ve made with the four other members, the kindness you have shown to staff, colleagues, the people you were able to reach out to as idol and your own person… *excuse me, let me just.. sniff ..*

On your birthday month, just wanna say, thank yoouuu, Nino-san : )

Popcorn_0006 (1)

Credit: simplysiri@tumblr for Nino piano, kanpekilife@LJ for AniShi gif